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Sick Pc?

We have the cure whether it be data retrieval, correcting constant internet problems, virus removal and inoculation. Reinstallation of windows, tweaking, home or small business networking, and/or connection sharing. Whatever your Pc. problem. Whatever your I.T need we have a solution.

Custom configurations for increased performance Get the most out of the hardware you have. For such things as video & audio editing, games, CAD applications. and other performance intensive applications.

Computer repair and upgrades, In many cases we can take your old machine; install a new motherboard in it, new ram, and new cpu, and give you back a new system for half the price. As your old system has a monitor, and keyboard, harddrive and operating system, power supply and case that seldom needs replacing

Is your Pc/laptop running great? Are all the applications and settings perfect? I can make a "Restore CdRom that will return your system to your preferred configuration, this is called a "Ghost or "image", And after major catastrophe it can be used to return your system to the same state as when the image was created, with all settings and applications running and properly configured.

Tutorial services:

Ranging from basic computer usage, shell basics (My Computer) (i.e. making, saving and storing files and projects)Internet Basics Virus removal, Information on how to avoid and deal with viruses. Email, Instant Messaging, Web pages. Advanced Internet, Ftp, P2P, Home networking/internet connection sharing linux support and tutorial services

40 for call out and first hour 30 an hour thereafter

In other cases Please contact us with your problem and we will give a reasonable estimate over the phone or by email. The more detail provided, the more accurate our estimate will be. In many cases we can provide next day service.

Looking for a new machine? We build both high and low end machines ranging in price from 300 to 2500

System administrator at large. Providing Professional ITC service to the residential and small business community at reasonable prices. Are you a small business that feels a web presence and email would increase your market reach? Give us a call. It is easier and more cost effective then you may think.

Email ron@lonesomecrow.net

Mobile: 07814 313037



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